Thursday, September 4, 2008


The new TiVo HD XL was just released! I was wondering how this version was different from previous ones and if it was worth to pay the hefty premium for the additional recording capacity and THX certification. I found this interesting review.

Anyways, I searched in Google for "tivo hd lx" and found this link: I couldn't believe I could get this $600 DRV plus a one-year service plan for FREE.

I typed my email address, gave some basic personal information, and signed up for free trials. It took me about an hour and the use of a secure Internet connection. I used the Refer-A-Friend option and ended up paying zero dollars! Now I am waiting to receive my free TiVo HD XL and I will confim when I receive it.

Don't let this offer pass by. It will not take you very long. It's totally worth it:

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Artsy said...

Good find, did you receive the offer gift yet? Please update when you do. I am very excited and might try it too.