Monday, September 22, 2008

10 Cheesiest Computer Mice

Instead of opting for an ergonomic or wireless mouse, why not compute with a mouse that prints out labels, or one that celebrates the disco era by flashing various colors? Okay, so maybe the following ten computer mice aren't exactly stylish or cool, but at least they'll keep you entertained with their cheesy performances.

1. The Casio USB Label Mouse Printer has an internal compartment that houses a thermal printer that produces self-stick labels for use on binders, DVDs, and more.

2. The 2.4GHz USB Wireless Mouse is meant to be strapped to your index finger, so that you can use the mouse and type on the keyboard at the same time in a more comfortable fashion.

3. As you're scrolling, the USB Disco Ball Mouse's internal lights will flash in red, blue, and yellow colors.

4. Thanko took a wrist pad and mouse and combine them. The Wrist Pad Mouse features a 1-cm-thick wrist support made of silicon, with a honeycomb-like design.

5. Chili, designed by Pat Says Now, is an optical mouse in the shape of a red jalapeno.

6. The Foot Mouse (Slipper Mouse) with Programmable Pedal allows you to use one foot to maneuver the mouse; the other foot manipulates the control panel for left and right clicks and to scroll.

7. The Evergreen Genius Navigator 365 Mouse is a combo 1,600-dpi laser mouse and gaming pad.
8. The Jelly Click concept is an inflatable plastic mouse. Connect it to your computer's USB port, blow it up, and you're good to go.

9. The Hamburger Computer Mouse features a resolution of 250 dpi and a 6-foot long cable.

10. The Targus Mini Kaleidoscope Optical Retractable Mouse cycles through seven colors as you browse the internet or scroll through a document.


Artsy said...

My friend got me the hamburger mouse as a joke. I still have it...its so funny looking!

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