Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Are You Interested in Nero LiquidTV | TiVo PC?

Get Your Free Nero Liquid TV TiVo PC

Traditionally, anyone who wanted to convert a PC into a DVR was limited to the likes of Windows Media Center, SnapStream Beyond TV, or (for the more adventurous DIYers) MythTV.

Starting in mid-October, however, people can turn their Windows PCs into a full-on TiVo DVR thanks to Nero's new Liquid TV package. The software effectively turns a standard PC into a full-service TiVo DVR, replete with the same interface, program guide, and ease-of-use as TiVo's standalone hardware DVRs--but with the added ability to burn recorded shows to DVD or export them to portable devices such as the iPod or PlayStation Portable.

So, what are the potential drawbacks? If Liquid TV is like other TiVo products, content providers or broadcasters could use program "flags" to make it impossible for certain shows to be transferred to DVD or portable (or recorded at all). But the bigger problem could be the HD issue for anyone not using an over-the-air antenna source. If you want to record a program from your cable or satellite box--for something not over-the-air like HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, USA, ESPN--most PCs only allow standard-definition video capture (composite or S-Video). To get HD quality, there are only two possibilities: capturing the HD video output stream from the external cable/satellite box, or getting a PC with internal CableCard support.

Unfortunately, peripherals and PCs with hardware support for either solution remain rare. Note that Liquid TV doesn't offer internal support for Internet bells and whistles found on TiVo boxes--stuff like Amazon Video-on-Demand, TiVoCasts, podcast support, Internet radio, and so forth. But since you're already using a computer, all of that would be superfluous, anyway. Its absence isn't much of a loss.

Is Liquid TV worth buying? If PC makers could make it easier to get an external HD cable feed, I think it would eliminate the product's biggest red flag. Also, competing products like SnapStream's Beyond TV already offer built-in support for antenna HD recording, DVD burning, and transfer to portable devices. Still, the ability to get a true TiVo interface, the TiVo remote, and the necessary accessories and dongles in one box--along with a year of service--could well make Nero Liquid TV a compelling PC DVR option for many.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Free Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 Preferred?

Get your Free Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 Preferred

The good:
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 9 lets you skip dictation setup; features a slimmer toolbar; allows voice command to browse Web pages; lets you drop the mouse and keyboard while typing; handy transcription tools; support for PDAs; supports Bluetooth headsets.

The bad:
Dragon is costly and requires a robust computer; Windows only; takes time to learn the voice commands and other features; pricey tech support.

The bottom line:
For people who type a lot or suffer sore fingers and hands, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 is the best tool available for dictating text and commanding a Web browser by voice, despite the gradual adjustments needed to conform to your personal manner of speaking.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Free Palm Treo Pro?

Get a Free Palm Treo Pro

In terms of design, performance and non-OS features, this is the best hardware Palm has ever made. The feature that deserves the most mention is the redesign—because it's beautiful. Not only is the phone comparable in size and weight to the iPhone 3G (just a bit wider and thicker), but it's visually appealing.

The shiny black case, and jewel-style Centro keyboard gives it a look that is appealing and eye-catching without being gaudy. Rounded edges prevent it from feeling too sterile, and the flush screen marks the first time a Palm touchscreen hasn't been sunken in. The 320x320 resolution screen, GPS and one-button wi-fi are all present, and the 400 MHz processor and 256 MB RAM really run Windows Mobile 6.1 well.

As far as real-life performance goes, the full-sized keyboard is definitely more useful than the one on the Centro, but the lack of definition between keys caused me to make typos on a semi-regular basis. Anywhere signal strength was strong, the 3G was speedy, and call quality was loud and clear. The GPS, complete with turn-by-turn navigation, worked well enough, but seemed to take an abnormally long time to connect to the satellite. And the touchscreen was as responsive and pinpoint accurate as Palm has ever made.

Some of the custom Palm features from the 800w, such as their own chat-style SMS interface and the GPS search bar on the home screen are absent, which is unfortunate, because they were both useful. And in direct light, the screen had a tendency to washout and be difficult to read, even on the highest brightness setting. A dedicated button to take you back to the home screen would have also been nice, but it doesn't kill the phone.

If you're looking for a Windows Mobile phone, I'd strongly consider the Treo Pro, as it has a good balance of design, features and performance for the user. And even if you're not looking for a WinMo phone, it just might tickle your fancy enough to have one around.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Free Adobe Photoshop Elements 6?

Get a free Adobe Photoshop Elements 6

Many image editing applications claim to offer the power of Adobe Photoshop but at a far friendlier price. Nearly all fail. But in an ironic twist, Adobe's Photoshop Elements 6 adds beginner-focused features that seem very similar to those in one of its main competitors, Corel's Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. Elements 6 has a couple of new features for people who have used the software before, but the main focus of this update seems to be a serious attempt to attract new, novice users--a strategy that rival image editors such as Paint Shop usually pursue. Elements 6 is a better choice for novices than Paint Shop, but if you've used Elements before, you may be disappointed with this version of it.

Adobe has added the Quick Selection tool it first made available in Photoshop CS3 to Elements 6; the tool can make creating a selection (a roped-off section of an image to which fixes are limited) pretty easy, but since it has no tolerance (sensitivity) setting, it can be useless on some images. On the plus side, the Refine Edge feature I loved in Photoshop CS3 came along, too. It isn't quite as sophisticated as CS3's, but it does a fantastic job of cleaning up the edges of selections so you don't have to spend as much time handling stray pixels. Elements 6 still has no photo-blogging conduits, so to post images on your blog, you must export your image using a 'Save for Web' command, and then manually upload through your blogging platform's tool.

The overall impression of Elements 6 is similar to my impression of Adobe's new Premiere 4 video editor; Adobe expended great effort trying to make the application accessible to novices who have never laid hands on it, and in doing so, diluted some of the program's power and flexibility. I think that move will likely irritate users of older versions who have already learned how to use the app. Personally, I'd be perfectly happy using the previous version.

Get a free Adobe Photoshop Elements 6

Source Alan Stafford

Monday, September 22, 2008

10 Cheesiest Computer Mice

Instead of opting for an ergonomic or wireless mouse, why not compute with a mouse that prints out labels, or one that celebrates the disco era by flashing various colors? Okay, so maybe the following ten computer mice aren't exactly stylish or cool, but at least they'll keep you entertained with their cheesy performances.

1. The Casio USB Label Mouse Printer has an internal compartment that houses a thermal printer that produces self-stick labels for use on binders, DVDs, and more.

2. The 2.4GHz USB Wireless Mouse is meant to be strapped to your index finger, so that you can use the mouse and type on the keyboard at the same time in a more comfortable fashion.

3. As you're scrolling, the USB Disco Ball Mouse's internal lights will flash in red, blue, and yellow colors.

4. Thanko took a wrist pad and mouse and combine them. The Wrist Pad Mouse features a 1-cm-thick wrist support made of silicon, with a honeycomb-like design.

5. Chili, designed by Pat Says Now, is an optical mouse in the shape of a red jalapeno.

6. The Foot Mouse (Slipper Mouse) with Programmable Pedal allows you to use one foot to maneuver the mouse; the other foot manipulates the control panel for left and right clicks and to scroll.

7. The Evergreen Genius Navigator 365 Mouse is a combo 1,600-dpi laser mouse and gaming pad.
8. The Jelly Click concept is an inflatable plastic mouse. Connect it to your computer's USB port, blow it up, and you're good to go.

9. The Hamburger Computer Mouse features a resolution of 250 dpi and a 6-foot long cable.

10. The Targus Mini Kaleidoscope Optical Retractable Mouse cycles through seven colors as you browse the internet or scroll through a document.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Free Blackberry 8820?

Get a free Blackberry 8820 (unlocked)

The good:
The RIM BlackBerry 8820 is the first BlackBerry to offer integrated Wi-Fi. The smart phone continues to offer Bluetooth, GPS, and push e-mail capabilities as well as push-to-talk and multimedia functions. We were also impressed by the long talk-time battery life.

The bad:
There's no 3G support and no option for a camera version. The QWERTY keyboard can be slippery, and the device uses a proprietary instant messaging client.

The bottom line:
The addition of Wi-Fi makes the RIM BlackBerry 8820 an even more powerful communication device for business users, taking it beyond just e-mail and phone calls.

Source: Bonnie Cha

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free Samsung Glyde?

Product Review

The good:
The Samsung Glyde offers great call quality, a broad selection of features, and a full alphabetic keyboard.
The bad:
The Samsung Glyde's display is too small to do its touch interface justice. Also, the photo quality is poor, and the e-mail support isn't easy to use.
The bottom line:
The Samsung Glyde is a powerful cell phone with decent performance, but its touch-screen design and controls don't complement its features.

Source: Kent German

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Free Blackberry Bold 9000?

If you are thinking about getting the new Blackberry Bold 9000, get informed:

The good:
  • Beautifully designed
  • Class-leading QWERTY keyboard
  • Simple email set-up
  • Excellent battery life

The bad:

  • Some included software, including the browser and maps, needs work

The bottomline:

The Bold is what BlackBerry fans have been waiting for. It's feature-rich and sharply designed, let down in small measure by some cumbersome software.

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Source: Joseph Hanlon

Free Samsung i900 Omnia?

Get a Samsung i900 Omnia by clicking this link: http://www.alpha-omega-electronics.com/rd_p?p=150282&t=6730&gift=28576

The Samsung Omnia is really an all-in-one device that tries hard to cover all grounds. As a mobile phone, the Omnia nails it when it comes to providing exceptional call quality though it can be frustrating to text message with the phone’s cramped keypad. An outstanding battery life makes the Omnia perfect for long trips out though.

As a full-featured smartphone, the Omnia is great for its variety of programs and applications that can be used for both work and play. Web surfing on the Omnia is decent though the browser fumbles a little when Flash videos pop up on the page. Additionally, it’s got a great 5-megapixel camera that’s almost on par with a regular compact camera. The ability to playback different video formats is great if you need to catch a movie while on the go.

One disappointment is its lack of GPS navigation out of the box. Possibly, you can install other navigation programs such as Mapking since Google Maps lacks the proper navigation capabilities. Also, I found navigating with the Omnia using my finger very frustrating at times. Clearly, the phone is best suited for use with a stylus. Those drawbacks aside, the Samsung Omnia is a decent phone that delivers great multimedia support and business functions.

Pros: Attractive user interface; great 5-megapixel camera; plays multiple video file formats.

Cons: Browser freezes up at times; GPS navigation does not work out of the box; touchscreen interface is frustrating without the stylus.

Again, here is the link to get your brand new Samsung i900 Omnia: http://www.alpha-omega-electronics.com/rd_p?p=150282&t=6730&gift=28576&a=28576-blog

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Apple Announcements

At Apple's fourth straight September music event, Steve Jobs took the stage to update Apple's iPod lineup and iTunes features.

Here's a quick summary of the newsworthy announcements from this morning's event.

  • iTunes 8 is out. The new Genius feature is a music discovery service, the first for Apple.

  • NBC content is back on the iTunes store, so we can all get back to downloading after a year-long hiatus.

  • The iPod Classic gets trimmed down in size: a new 120GB iPod. Also, the 160GB iPod Classic was discontinued.

  • New Nanos are longer, slimmer, with curved edges. They come with an accelerometer now and start at $149 for 8GB.

  • New iPod Touch: it's slimmer, has iPhone's multitouch technology, and now starts at $229 for 8GB.

  • iPhone and iPod Touch users rejoice: Jobs says the updated OS X 2.1 software will fix a lot of bugs related to dropped calls, battery life problems, and crashing applications.

You can get all these new iPods for FREE! Check this out:

Apple iPod Shuffle

Apple iPod Nano

Apple iPod Classic

Apple iPod Touch

Source: Erica Ogg

Monday, September 8, 2008

Free Samsung Instinct?

What a bout a free Samsung Instinct cell phone. Get yours at:

Product Summary

The good:
The Samsung Instinct offers a slick, intuitive design and a heavy load of powerful, innovative, and easy-to-use features. It particularly shines as a messaging and GPS device.

The bad: The Samsung Instinct lacks Wi-Fi and instant messaging, and its call and video quality were erratic. Also, its Internet browser could be refined, its internal memory is small, and its camera lacks editing features.

The bottom line: The Samsung Instinct stands out as one of Sprint's finest devices to date. It's just too bad its call quality could use some improvement.

Specifications: Talk time: Up to 345 min; Combined with: With digital camera / digital player / FM radio; Weight: 0.3 lbs

Again, click the link to get your phone for free: alpha-omega-electronics.com/rd_p?p=150282&t=6730&gift=28217

Source: Kent German

Friday, September 5, 2008

Help a Reader: Interior Desing & Landscape Software

One of this blog's readers ask me to find a free interior design and landscape software. I searched for "turbofloorplan" on Google and I found this wonderful site: http://www.alpha-omega-electronics.com/rd_p?p=150282&t=6730&gift=28677&a=28677-blog. I sent her this link and after going through the process and completing the requirements, she sent me this note:
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Thursday, September 4, 2008


The new TiVo HD XL was just released! I was wondering how this version was different from previous ones and if it was worth to pay the hefty premium for the additional recording capacity and THX certification. I found this interesting review.

Anyways, I searched in Google for "tivo hd lx" and found this link:
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Overheating laptops?

I just read that Sony has issued a recall of 74,000 machines in the US. Apparently, these units overheat due to a wiring problem.

When I use my laptop for a few hours, it gets pretty hot too, but I have never had problems. What is your experience?

Have you had overheating problems with your laptop?

View Results
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Can You Get a Free 50” Plasma TV to watch the NFL Season?

While browsing on Google for “vizio televisions” I found this site under the sponsored links: alpha-omega-electronics.com/rd_p?p=150282&t=6730&gift=28387. I entered my email and then filled out a profile page with my personal information. After answering some survey questions, I was directed to a series of pages to sign up for offers. I reviewed each one slowly and identified the ones with zero cost (for example, movie rental trials and coffee samples). I also used the “refer a friend” option to avoid paying for any other service.

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Now that the NFL season kickoff weekend is getting here, I am searching for a way to watch the professional football games. DIRECTV is the only provider of the NFL Sunday ticket package and charges from $300 to $400 for a 4 month subscription. Since I don’t have that kind of money, I need to find a way to watch the games for less. Here are the steps I took to accomplish my mission:

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