Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can You Get a Free 50” Plasma TV to watch the NFL Season?

While browsing on Google for “vizio televisions” I found this site under the sponsored links: I entered my email and then filled out a profile page with my personal information. After answering some survey questions, I was directed to a series of pages to sign up for offers. I reviewed each one slowly and identified the ones with zero cost (for example, movie rental trials and coffee samples). I also used the “refer a friend” option to avoid paying for any other service.

All I needed was a secure Internet connection, a couple of hours, and my basic information. I found out that the company behind this offer is called World Avenue and conducts business legally. After going through all the necessary steps, now I am waiting to receive my Vizio 50” plasma TV.

I will be able to watch all the games of the professional football season on my brand new TV. This amazing plasma features bright colors and maximizes the fast action sports. Again, the site to get your free plasma TV is

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Cheryl said...

I used this offer to get my boyfriend a birthday present. I had to sign up for some other things, but they were things I wanted or plan to give as a Christmas or other birthday gifts. Well worthi it ;)