Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Apple Announcements

At Apple's fourth straight September music event, Steve Jobs took the stage to update Apple's iPod lineup and iTunes features.

Here's a quick summary of the newsworthy announcements from this morning's event.

  • iTunes 8 is out. The new Genius feature is a music discovery service, the first for Apple.

  • NBC content is back on the iTunes store, so we can all get back to downloading after a year-long hiatus.

  • The iPod Classic gets trimmed down in size: a new 120GB iPod. Also, the 160GB iPod Classic was discontinued.

  • New Nanos are longer, slimmer, with curved edges. They come with an accelerometer now and start at $149 for 8GB.

  • New iPod Touch: it's slimmer, has iPhone's multitouch technology, and now starts at $229 for 8GB.

  • iPhone and iPod Touch users rejoice: Jobs says the updated OS X 2.1 software will fix a lot of bugs related to dropped calls, battery life problems, and crashing applications.

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Source: Erica Ogg

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