Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Free Samsung i900 Omnia?

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The Samsung Omnia is really an all-in-one device that tries hard to cover all grounds. As a mobile phone, the Omnia nails it when it comes to providing exceptional call quality though it can be frustrating to text message with the phone’s cramped keypad. An outstanding battery life makes the Omnia perfect for long trips out though.

As a full-featured smartphone, the Omnia is great for its variety of programs and applications that can be used for both work and play. Web surfing on the Omnia is decent though the browser fumbles a little when Flash videos pop up on the page. Additionally, it’s got a great 5-megapixel camera that’s almost on par with a regular compact camera. The ability to playback different video formats is great if you need to catch a movie while on the go.

One disappointment is its lack of GPS navigation out of the box. Possibly, you can install other navigation programs such as Mapking since Google Maps lacks the proper navigation capabilities. Also, I found navigating with the Omnia using my finger very frustrating at times. Clearly, the phone is best suited for use with a stylus. Those drawbacks aside, the Samsung Omnia is a decent phone that delivers great multimedia support and business functions.

Pros: Attractive user interface; great 5-megapixel camera; plays multiple video file formats.

Cons: Browser freezes up at times; GPS navigation does not work out of the box; touchscreen interface is frustrating without the stylus.

Again, here is the link to get your brand new Samsung i900 Omnia: http://www.alpha-omega-electronics.com/rd_p?p=150282&t=6730&gift=28576&a=28576-blog

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