Friday, September 19, 2008

Free Blackberry 8820?

Get a free Blackberry 8820 (unlocked)

The good:
The RIM BlackBerry 8820 is the first BlackBerry to offer integrated Wi-Fi. The smart phone continues to offer Bluetooth, GPS, and push e-mail capabilities as well as push-to-talk and multimedia functions. We were also impressed by the long talk-time battery life.

The bad:
There's no 3G support and no option for a camera version. The QWERTY keyboard can be slippery, and the device uses a proprietary instant messaging client.

The bottom line:
The addition of Wi-Fi makes the RIM BlackBerry 8820 an even more powerful communication device for business users, taking it beyond just e-mail and phone calls.

Source: Bonnie Cha

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Artsy said...

This phone is beautiful and so functional. Definitly a must have!