Tuesday, October 13, 2009


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Back in the 90s, and maybe a bit of the 80s, portable devices were the wave of the future. There were pagers, big bulky cell phones.. later they came out with leaner cell phone, PDAs, and the list went out. Not only was there portable communication, but other portables too, such as the game boy.

The only problem with carrying so many things, was charging all of them, although back then most things took batteries, as we came into the 2000, charging with a dock, or just a cord to an outlet was a lot easier. But then we had cluttered outlets.

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Now, to solve having your outlets taken up by charging portable machines. They came out with the Powermat. You can buy one at Best Buy to my knowledge, and so far I have only heard good reviews of it. Not only can it charge up to 3 devices at once, it is also energy efficient. (Much love to you tree huggers)

I haven't had the chance to pick one up yet, but it would be a great addition to anyone's home or office, as it advertises. One thing though, most people don't carry many devices anymore. Instead they resort to just having one "smart phone" which does everything. And if it's only one device, it's only one cord.

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