Thursday, October 29, 2009

Latest and Greatest in the Mac World

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Okay, so I decided not to immediately post about the new Apple products, in fact I have been busy with other things. But I am back and I am ready to finally post about the new Apple products, as there have been many that are being released, and many more to come, so here is my list of 4 latest and greatest gizmos that Apple has released this year!

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Number 4! - Magic Mouse

I personally love this little mouse, it works mediocre, but since it comes free with your purchase of the new Mac computer (will give more details later) I really don't see a problem with it, and it's definitely a step up to the old mighty mouse they use to box up with your PC! So, about the specs, I believe it is wireless, and it has motion sensors and touch sensors on the top so there are no buttons you just use little hand gestures on the mouse to scroll, click, and do other things.

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Number 3! - Time Capsule

Awhile back there was news of the apple time capsules suddenly just dying off, in fact if you google it I believe there is a resting site of all the time capsules that died. Anyway, under all the new things Apple did, they also updated the Time Capsule!

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Number 2! - Mac Mini

The new Mac Mini has a new unibody so less scratches. They didn't really mess with how fast it goes, according to a chat seen in this review. However it's battery life is a lot better, and overall it is now more like a Macbook Pro. Overall, it's definitely a nice improvement.

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Number 1! iMac

There is a lot to say about the new iMac, but only one word needs to describe it, it's great. My biggest gripe is that the keyboard no longer has a number pad and there being no scroll button on the mouse is a bit hard to get use to. However the new iMac has a bigger monitor and better resolution.. it no longer comes with a remote, and is great but in my opinions it's expensive still.

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