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Top 10 Digital Photo Frames

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Today there are over 30 vendors selling these framed digital wonders, offering standard features like built-in memory, Wi-Fi, and video playback. The good news is that there are a handful of truly innovative digital photo frames out there. No matter your tastes (or your recipients'), here's our list of the 10 coolest digital photo frames to get you in the picture.

1. LG DP889
All-in-one devices are hot-ticket items, like this digital photo frame that displays photos and lets you watch DVDs, for example. The LG DP889 sports an 8-inch, 16:9 widescreen with built-in memory to display up to 250 photos in a slideshow. What's different about this frame is that you can bring it with you on your travels to watch DVDs, thanks to the integrated DVD player.

2. Pandigital Kitchen Technology Center
Spice up your kitchen with Pandigital's super-cool Kitchen Technology Center (KTC). This combo frame lets you not only display scrolling digital photos in your kitchen, but you can also watch TV (thanks to the 1280-by-720 HD-ready resolution) and access preloaded recipes on its 15-inch LCD screen.

3. Tao Electronics Digital Photo Penholder
For the working professional, Tao Electronics's Digital Photo Penholder ($80) is a great gift. It consists of a digital photo frame with a 3.5-inch TFT LCD and a handy pen and holder. The frame offers 128MB of internal memory (there's no memory card reader) and measures 5 by 4 by 2 (HWD) inches.

4. GE 27956FE1 DECT 6.0 Photo Phone
The GE 27956FE1 DECT 6.0 Photo Phone dons a 7-inch LCD screen and supports SD, xD, and MS memory cards for viewing your photos. Its 1.9-GHz cordless phone lets you make calls and see the person who's calling with its nifty picture caller ID.

5. Mustek PF-i700
If everything you own must have some sort of iPod integration, then Mustek's PF-i700 is right up your audio alley. With its 7-inch screen and remote control, you can enjoy video, music, and photo playback right from the built-in iPod dock. It even charges your iPod's battery.

6. Falcon DigiFrame Fridge Magnet
The refrigerator is like a scrapbook: It displays a family's photos for all to see. But there comes a time when you run out of magnets and space to hang your precious memories. That's why the Falcon DigiFrame Fridge Magnet is a perfect choice. It scrolls through up to 66 photos or can also be paused on one of your favorites—all on its 2.4-inch TFT LCD.

7. Ality Pixxa + Pictura Mirror PC017M
Similar to the mirrored finish on the LG Shine phone, the Pixxa + Pictura Mirror PC017M from Ality features a mirror that disappears to reveal this wall-mountable digital photo frame's touch-screen interface. That means it's great for hanging up in the hallway or near the front door, so you can check yourself in the mirror before you leave the house.

8. Picwing 7-inch Digital Photo Frame
The Picwing 7-inch Digital Photo Frame ($249) is Wi-Fi-enabled, so you can sync your Picwing albums to it whenever you please. Instead of using a memory card to access your photos on the frame, you manage your photos on All you have to do is setup an e-mail for your album. Then, you can e-mail photos to friends and family, and they'll be able to view them on their frames.

9. Pandigital 7-inch Collage Multi-Frame
A collage of digital photo frames would get expensive. That's why Pandigital designed the 7-inch Collage Multi-Frame, which is a blend of print and digital photos. The collage consists of one 7-inch digital photo frame with a 16-in-1 card reader and 128MB of internal memory, as well as three traditional photo frames for displaying printed photos of your choice.

10. Smartparts 32-inch Digital Picture Frame
For the person who has to have the biggest of everything, the Smartparts 32-inch Digital Picture Frame ($760) will certainly take the cake. This wall-mountable, behemoth frame has a high-def widescreen with built-in speakers and is compatible with all popular memory cards.

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